Thai massage

What is Thai Yoga?

Thai Yoga Therapy is a series of therapeutic stretches and passive yoga positions that stretch and calm the muscular system, increase range of motion and calm the nervous system. The recipient is moved in space and helps aid the practitioner in a rhythmic sequence of deep stretching. Thai Yoga therapy is an age old vocabulary developed by the doctor to the Buddah, Dr. Shivago. He developed this vocabulary as one of the three parts of Ayervedic medicine for practicing monks. Thai Yoga therapy helped relive tightness brought on by long hours of meditation.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of exercises that strengthen the core, improve posture and muscular alignment. The main principals of Pilates are: concentration, control, centering, flow (efficiency of movement) precision, breathing. Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates, a German physical-culturist. During the first half of the 20th century, he developed a system of exercises which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Pilates believed that mental and physical health are interrelated.

There are classical styles of Pilates and contemporary styles: At the Pilates Loft, we use a combination of the two, to best suit the client. We also derive movements from ballet and dance conditioning.

balancebody-medalPilates & Thai Yoga Session

This combo session is unique to the Pilates Loft. Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy ( performed fully clothed) relaxes the larger muscle groups alleviating tightness and holding patterns throughout the body. After the muscle chains have been relaxed, we follow with Pilates forms incorporating the trapeze table and other Pilates apparatus to stretch tight overworked muscles and strengthen the smaller ones. Experience improved core strength, posture, and muscular alignment. It’s a re-patterning program for your entire body. Leave feeling energized, refreshed & relaxed.


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Your Instructor

Rachael Maddalena

Rachael Maddalena is a thoughtful and experienced teacher who has a background in European Dance Theater, Pilates and Thai Yoga. She was certified in Pilates technique and dance conditioning from Orange Coast College, and holds a mat certification from Infinite Dynamics Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio. Rachael was mentored under Danish Physical therapist, Caroline Darville, and Rochelle Carson-Begley, a colleague of Moira Merrithew. She is well-versed in both athletic-training and injury-recovery techniques based on the Pilates method. Rachael has studied Thai Holistic Bodywork at the Ayodha Center, and The Bamboo Garden School of Massage and has been on the summer faculty of the Pasadena Civic Ballet, and the Pasadena Dance Theater. As a product designer and entrepreneur she has developed and patented the “Pressure Pillow.” This adaptation of a dancer’s remedy uses a hard hourglass shape to release muscular tension.  She is currently developing a technique that integrates Thai Yoga therapy and Pilates.  Rachael has been featured in Pilates Pro Magazine, and published in Balanced Body’s Pilates Quarterly.

Rachael Maddalena


Standard Pilates Flow

A classic Pilates Flow style session that incorporates the fundamentals of the Pialtes technique using the studio apparatus. This traditional series of exercises is updated for anatomical and kinetic efficiency, but retains the rhythmic flow of Joseph Pilates’ original vocabulary.

Pilates for the Mature Body

This workout is a collection of Pilates Flow exercises aimed at giving the  mature body tone and strength with special attention to the stability of the knees, neck, hands and wrists. Leave feeling like you have worked hard and energized your mind and body with this flowing session.

Pilates & Thai Yoga Combo

Relax tight muscles and help your body gain greater proprioceptive awareness.  Thai Yoga, a series of interactive yoga poses which involve manual stretches by the practitioner,  helps release tight muscles and holding patterns for increased body awareness. Thai Yoga is an age-old vocabulary that promotes mindfulness and self-healing. Thai Yoga is a relaxing compliment to Pilates.

Contemporary Body Toning

Gleaning from contemporary body conditioning techniques such as Tracy Anderson method, Nicole Winhoffer, and Ballet barre workout; we work  to develop strength and muscle tone, while staying faithful to healthy body alignment principals. Brisk and flowing for the intermediate level or experienced ‘mover.’

Injury Recovery/Chiropractic

If you work regularly with a chiropractor or physical therapist, we can be in contact and communicate on finding the right complimentary set of exercises to progress you through injuries, and help you to maintain chiropractic adjustments.  Bring your physical therapist’s recommended exercises and we will integrate them into a flowing, core-strengthening Pilates workout you can maintain at home.